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War - Come giocare a questo gioco

Come giocare a questo gioco

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Come giocare a questo gioco

General Text Boxes
Message - This indicates whether 'You are the Player' or whether 'You are the Dealer'.

Opponent - This tells you the name (or nickname) of your current opponent.

Last Round - This tells you how much you've won or lost in the previous round.

Dealer Points - This is your current Dealer Points balance. As Player, you accumulate 1 Dealer Point on every dollar you place as a bet. As Dealer, 1 Dealer Point is deducted for every 1 dollar bet against you (see example below).

Fun Balance / Balance - This is your current Fun / Real-Money Balance (in US dollars).

Commission - When playing as Dealer, you pay a commission of 1.5% on the total bets placed against you (when playing as Player you do not pay commissions).

General Options
Back - Pressing 'Back' returns you to the Options Screen.

'?' (Help) - Pressing 'Help' opens the Help screen relevant to the room you're currently in. In this case, War.

'$' (Cashier) - Pressing '$' opens the Cashier screen.

Timer - This is the circle at the bottom-right corner of the screen. On every round, you have 45 seconds to make your decisions when playing as Player, and 35 seconds to make your decisions when playing as Dealer. The Timer indicates how much time you have left before reaching the time limit. If you haven't finished making your decisions during the specified time limit, you will exit the table.

Playing as Player
BeTheDealer Casino lets you play either as Player or as Dealer. Playing as Dealer is optional and is not mandatory. If you do not wish to play as Dealer, you can play the traditional role of the Player, knowing you can rely on the fairness and credibility of BeTheDealer Casino.

War Text Boxes
Bet Labels - These labels appear to the left of your bet and inform you how much money you have placed on the table.

Game Options
Game Chips: $1, $5, $25 and $100
With the Game Chips you make your bet on the table by creating a "Chip Tower". You may remove chips from the Chip Tower by clicking on the left mouse button while placing the cursor on the Chip Tower.

Once you've placed your bets on the table press 'Deal' to deal the cards.

In case of a tie, you have the option to "go to war". Press 'Raise' to place an additional wager, equal to your initial wager.

Press 'Fold' if you don't want to raise your bet. When you press 'Fold' you also waiver your initial wager.

Playing as Dealer
BeTheDealer Casino offers you the unique option of playing the role of the Dealer. This option increases your chances of winning, since you gain some of the favorable odds reserved for the casino. At the end of every round the casino takes a commission of 1.5% of the total bets bet against the Dealer.

A Dealer chooses to play in Table III. This means that the Dealer meets the minimum requirements for playing in this table type: a minimum of 800 Dealer Points and a minimum balance of $420.
The system then matches a Player to the Dealer and after the Dealer 'Approves' the next round, the Player places his/her bets on the table. Notice that the view of the table has changed to that of the Dealer's.
Let's say the Player places $300 and receives '9' and the Dealer's card is 'Q'.
The Player loses his/her bet and since the bet against the Dealer was $300 the casino takes a commission of 1.5%*300 = $4.5, which means the Dealer wins 300-4.5 = $295.5 on this round.
The casino's edge in War with these rules is approximately 2.9% (bear in mind that this 2.9% is how the casino makes a profit on War) so as the Dealer you actually gain an edge of about 1.4%.

Minimum Dealer Points and Balance
You can play as Dealer once you have accumulated enough Dealer Points and in addition you need to have enough money in your Balance, according to the game's limits described in the Game Options page.
The Minimum balance required is a bit higher than the total winnings of the Player in a given round, which are: (Maximum Bet) + 1.5%(Casino commission) * 2 * (Maximum Bet).

Game Options
"Approve" Button / 'Auto-Approve' Feature
When playing as Dealer, before each round commences you must 'Approve' the next round. After you approve the round, the Player can place his/her bets and play the round. The 'Auto-Approve' feature lets you automatically approve the next rounds, without having to approve every round individually.

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